SeeMe system

Professional rehabilitation system with biofeedback

Products for home use

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WebCam Cyclops Play

WebCam Cyclops Play - BOX Version (CD-ROM)

WebCam Cyclops Play is a package of 5 family oriented games, where grandfather can play with his grandchild having real fun! (More info)

19.90 USD

Cyclops BallZ

Cyclops BallZ - download version

3 amazing game modes, 7 arenas, 21 rivals and a lot of fun! (More info)

12.90 USD

The Vulture Strike

The Vulture Strike - Download Version

They are big, they are scurvy and they love to be struck! Funny game for the whole family. (More info)

9.90 USD

Virtual Reality using Kinect

This is a modern approach to rehabilitation, which is fun for the patient. This form of a session, from the psychological point of view, brings many positive aspects, which result in stronger effects - desired in terms of improving the functioning of the people undergoing the rehabilitation. Find more SeeMe Rehablitation