SeeMe Rehabilitation

SeeMe is a PC based, innovative, comprehensive, clinician–controlled exercise and diagnostic system. SeeMe is designed to aid the rehabilitation process, and track patients' progress.

Key features of the SeeMe system

SeeMe provides active training in the form of games – what makes patients more motivated to participate in their rehabilitation process. SeeMe creates a feedback loop between a patient performing rehabilitation exercises and a physical therapist. In real time the physical therapist can monitor the patient’s performance and adjust parameters of current “gamified” exercise to match the patient’s individual recovery needs.


Each exercise can be personally customized to meet the specific requirements of the patient. All the task customizations can be done in real time - while patient is playing.


SeeMe uses a wide variety of therapeutic tasks to enable training in all rehabilitation domains:


  • Range of motion
  • Strength
  • Endurance
  • Fitness and cardiovascular training


  • Trunk and postural control
  • Anticipatory postural responses
  • Adequate reactions to stimuli and distractors placed in preplanned positions or random
  • Crossing the midline


  • Movement quality
  • Movement awareness and proprioception
  • Bilateral moveme


  • Memory
  • Perception
  • Planning and Executive Functions


All the therapeutic tasks included in SeeMe offer plenty of parameters and levels. By having those options – therapists are able to prepare trainings that let patients experience positive emotions, keep motivation, become more self-confident and in the same time remain challenged. There is no need to wear, hold or be attached to any equipment – patients can almost forget it is still a real rehabilitation!


Biofeedback, delivered by the system, enables detailed insight into the course of each training and long-term progress as well. It allows therapist to collect objective results of treatment progress. The system is able to detect compensation movements, the relative angles between various limbs, movement times, range of motion and more.


SeeMe software provides relevant documentation about the therapy. The stored documentation offers information about the results achieved by the patient with all the details describing the conditions in which patient was playing. The documentation collected by SeeMe allows objective evaluation of the therapy progress and can be used to support clinical decision making.

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