SeeMe Warm up


The aims of the module are to familiarize the patient with the mechanism of motion detection in the SeeMe system and to develop in the patient’s spatial awareness in the virtual environment. Therefore, it is recommended that a new patient use the module as the initial exercise. In the screen the patient sees the mirror image of her/his body. S/he is able to move the whole body or only a its particular limb, depending on the decision of the person leading the exercise.


The module is recommended to every patient newly introduced to the system and as a routine warm up before every exercise session. Especially recommended to the patients who, for whatever reason, cannot cope with exercises in the other modules.


The exercise in this module is very simple. The only thing required from the patient is the ability to observe how the elements of the screen react to the patient’s body movements (basic visual and acoustic biofeedback).


To perform body/limb movements in any plane of motion according to the therapist’s instructions and without using movement patterns, to touch objects in virtual reality at any pace and without time limits and to observe the effects of the patient’s interaction with the elements of the screen.


The Warm-up Module consists of 3 exercises which differ with respect to their of difficulty:

  • Level 1: The patient’s aim is to touch the bubbles flying in the virtual space. The bubbles are randomly spread over the screen. Each bubble is set in motion by the patient’s movements and makes a certain sound when collides with another bubble.
  • Level 2: The patient’s aim is to touch 4 lamps placed in the 4 corners of the screen. Each lamp lights up when touched and goes out as soon as the touch is withdrawn. The exercise helps to understand hand movement in the frontal and sagittal planes ( side movements and up-down movements, respectively)
  • Level 3: The patient’s aim is to touch the cubes arranged in a semicircle. Each cube is assigned a certain number from 0 to 9 and the patient’s task is to touch the cubes in the order from 0 to 9. This exercise requires the patient to focus in order to find the consecutive numbers.


In this module no data is saved for any further analysis. The module is meant only as a warm-up for the other exercises.


If the patient moves her/his hands towards the screen, and tries to touch the objects in the screen by touching the screen, the therapist should start the exercise from the level 2: place the patient in the middle of the screen so that s/he can reach the lamps in the corners of the screen by only moving hands up and down and to the sides (in the therapist’s screen the therapist activates only the patient’s palms). This procedure allows to eliminate the bad habit that may occur when a patient is introduced to the system.

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